Films in the 90s


affiche Il y a des Jours et des LunesTHERE WERE DAYS AND MOONS

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Gérard Lanvin, Patrick Chesnais, Vincent Lindon, Francis Huster, Annie Girardot, Gérard Darmon, Marie-Sophie L., Philippe Léotard, Paul Préboist, Serge Reggiani, Gérard Darmon, Christine Boisson, Charles Gérard & Caroline Micla.

The song written by Nicole Croisille, Claude Lelouch & Francis Lai is performed by Nicole Croisille & Jacques Haurogné
The Story
There are some days when everything seems to go wrong... and there are nights filled with the evil of a full moon. Thirteen characters see their lives disrupted, all the more so by the daylight savings change of hour. Amongst these, we find Gerard, a truck driver whose wife leaves him, after which he meets Caroline, the newly wed bride, her sudden death during a fight with an exasperated doctor in a traffic jam at the little roundabout in Marnes-la-Coquette where fate has brought them all together.

affiche Ripoux Contre RipouxMY NEW PARTNER II

film directed by Claude Zidi
starring Philippe Noiret, Thierry Lhermitte, Grace de Capitani, Guy Marchand, Michel Aumont, Jean-Pierre Castaldi, Jean-Claude Brialy, Jean Benguigui & Line Renaud.

The Story
After five years of partnership with his fellow crooked policeman, René, François decides to go straight, in the hope of getting a promotion to the rank of commissioner.  Unfortunately, François’ first attempt at changing his habits backfires, and he and René are suspended when a charge is brought against them.  They are replaced by Brisson and Portal, a pair of no-nonsense cops who, at first sight, appear to be the very model of honesty.  It soon turns out that these two are ten times more ruthless than René and François.  Desperate, the people they attempt to extort money from appeal to René and François to put an end to their replacements’ reign of villainy.  François says he will take on the challenge, but René soon suspects that his former partner may actually be allying himself with his unscrupulous successors…

affiche La Passion de BernadetteLa Passion de Bernadette

film directed by Jean Delannoy
starring Sydney Penny & Emmanuelle Riva.

The Story
Bernadette, firmly believes has been graced, leaving Lourdes and goes to the convent in Nevers to fulfill her passion.

affiche Les Clés du ParadisKEYS TO PARADISE

film directed by Philippe de Broca
starring Pierre Arditi, Gérard Jugnot, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Fanny Cottençon & Micheline Dax.

The song written by Pierre-André Dousset & Francis Lai is performed by Nicole Croisille
The Story
Gaspard Cavaillac, a famous novelist has always been a lucky man. His brother Paul, a humble professor in Brittany, has always had a hard life. Both are so ridden with difficulties that at one point they decide to exchange their lives, their jobs, their wives. From then on, Paul is very succesfull, whereas Gaspard's good fortune has completely abandonned him. Then one day, they realize that it would be wiser to put both their fates in common.

affiche Le ProvincialLe Provincial

film directed by Christian Gion
starring Roland Giraud, Michel Galabru & Gabrielle Lazure.

affiche SirellaSirella

Underwater musical ballet produced, directed & performed by Muriel Hermine.


affiche La Belle HistoireTHE BEAUTIFUL STORY

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Gérard Lanvin, Béatrice Dalle, Vincent Lindon, Marie-Sophie Berthier, Patrick Chesnais & Paul Préboist.

The song 'Une Histoire' written by Francis Lai is performed by Antoinette et Dolores Arenas.
The Story
A man and a woman meet two thousand years ago. His name is Jesus, she is Odona. Today he is a gypsy in a travelling show, he buys the big wheel and goes on rides and rides till his heart's content. Odona is a juvenile delinquant; she saves her soul thanks to the love that Simon, a police inspector, and Pierre, an auctioneer, have for her. Then the day Jesus and Odona see each other at the airport, they finally recognize each other, knowing that they will love each other forever and ever more.

affiche Valse d'AmourI'LL BE GOING NOW (Tolgo Il Disturbo)

film directed by Dino Risi
starring Vittorio Gassman, Dominique Sanda, Valentina Holtkam, Eva Grimaldi, Elliott Gould & Firmine Richard.

The Story
In Italy in the 70s, a recently released mental patient tries to adjust to everyday life and realizest he is able to enjoy life far more than most people.

affiche Inconnu dans la MaisonSTRANGER IN THE HOUSE

film directed by Georges Lautner
starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Renée Faure, Francis Perrot, Cristiana Reali, Sébastien Tavel, Geneviève Page, Odette Laure, Hubert Deschamps, Guy Tréjean & Georges Géret.

The Story
Jacques Loursat, a famous attorney has become an alcoholic since his wife committed suicide. His 21 year old daughter Isabelle, hates him and spends most of her free time with a bunch of other wealthy kids in the town's night-clubs. A drug dealer's corpse is found in the house and Manu, Isabelle's boyfriend, is suspected. Loursaut snaps out of his alcoholic stupor to defend the boy in court. He wins the case, the young man is acquitted and Loursault wins back his daughter's love.


affiche Tout Ça Pour ÇaALL THAT FOR THIS ?!

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Marie-Sophie Berthier, Alessandra Martines, Fabrice Lucchini, Francis Huster, Vincent Lindon & Evelyne Bouix.

The main theme song written by Philippe Léotard & Francis Lai is performed by Philippe Léotard.
The Story
Vincent, Henri and Jacques are discussing the possibility of leaving the country, along with Salome, Jacques' daughter that is presently living with her mother. But without any money to start their new adventure, they commit various petty larcenies. Now we find the three of them on trial with Marie their defense attorney who is none other than the district attorney's wife. She is also the Judge Francis Barrucq's mistress. Their sentimental problems will strongly influence the final verdict...

affiche Le Voleur et La MenteuseTHE THIEF AND THE LIAR

film directed by Paul Boujenah
starring Mathilda May, Gérard Darmon & Philippe Léotard.


affiche Les MisérablesLes Misérables

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Michel Boujenah, Alessandra Martines, Clémentine Cellarié, Annie Giradot, Philippe Léotard, Rufus, Jean Marais & Darry Cowl.

Golden Globe Award in 1995
The songs written by Didier Barbelivien and Francis Lai are performed by Patricia Kaas.
The Story
Henri Fortin, the son of a convict, is a removal man. In 1942, he helps a juish family, André and Elise Ziman with their young daughter Salome, to flee the nazi persecutions. Salome is left in a religious institution and the parents attempt to reach Switzerland. However, they are caught up in an ambush. Ziman, left for dead, is rescued by a couple of farmers that will take advantage of him throughout the war. Elise is sent to a concentration camp. Fortin, is pursued by the milicia, and at the end of the war, will help the Ziman family get back together again.


affiche Hommes, FemmesMEN, WOMEN, A USER's MANUAL

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Alessandra Martines, Fabrice Lucchini, Bernard Tapie, Pierre Arditi, Ophélie Winter, Patrick Husson & Anouk Aimée.

The Story
Fabio Lini is a police inspector even though his dream was to become an actor. Benoit Blanc is an unscrupulous business man. They meet in the distinguished Professeur Lerner's waiting room. His lady assistant, Doctor Nitez, recognizes Benoit that was once her lover many years ago. In order to get her revenge - and also out of medical curiosity - she switches the biopsy results, telling Benoit he has a cancer and leaving Fabio to believe that he is in good health. A true friendship between the two men is born, each discovering thanks to the other, a user's manual to lead his own life.


Le Serment sous la Lune

film directed by Régis Gezelbasch
starring Jean-François Delon & Cathy Robin.

The song written by Nick Hamilton & Francis Lai is performed by Nick Hamilton.
A young french girl travels to Seoul to visit her father whose been living there for a few years. During her stay, she falls in love with a young Korean boy. France's father will clearly demonstrate his strong disapproval of this relationship. The film director has thus portrayed the very current and delicate subject of racism, bigotry and mixed mariages.

affiche HasardsCHANCE OR CoIncidence

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Alessandra Martines, Pierre Arditi & Marc Hollogne.

The Story
Once upon a time... there lived a lovely girl that could danse like a swan in the Venitian ballet or in Rome or even in Milan In the beginning, everything goes well for Myriam. She has the beauty, the grace and leads a story-book life. Prima ballerina, she travels the world like a princess visiting her garden. Her life danses on the silver screen and is covered with gold and diamond rings... However, something is missing in her life. The one thing that she would give everything up for : love...


affiche Les InsaisissablesLes Insaisissables

film directed by Christian Gion
starring Daniel Prévost, Dominique Guillo & Sébastien Thiery.

The Story
Bailiff Grimbert finally meets his match when he attempts to seize the assets of an old woman named Madeleine.  She is protected by three young men, Romain, Alain and Philippe, who have themselves each been victims of the French legal system that allows odious men like Grimbert to take their private possessions when they get into debt.  Having duped Grimbert into taking goods from the wrong house, Romain and his friends make a close study of the law, the sole objective being to make their enemy’s life sheer Hell.  But, as they soon discover, there’s one thing worse than a bailiff, and that’s a bailiff who has been humiliated....

affiche Une Pour ToutesUne Pour Toutes

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Jean-Pierre Marielle, Anne Parillaud, Marianne Denicourt, Alessandra Martines, Alice Evans, Olivia Bonamy & Samy Naceri.

The Story
This stricking all girl team lives in Paris and, on the first day of the year 2000, decide to straighten up their act. At the age of 35, they obviously no longer believe a prince charming could be coming their way. Their theatrical careers are taking their toll and their meagre income depends on a tear or a pro-blush. One of them, a reception girl at the Concorde check-in counter, becomes a regular "seventh heaven traffic controller", and offers her girlfriends the opportunity of being in the right place at the right time to enact the greatest comedy of all times, for a private but extremely grateful audience, the comedy of love...


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