Films in the 80s


Pig in the Middle

British television series on LWT produced and directed by Les Chatfield
starring Dinsdale Landen, Terence Brady, Liza Goddard, Johana Van Gygseghem, John Quayle & Nicola McAuliffe.

Indian Summer

film directed by Michel Nusbaumer


affiche Beyond the ReefBeyond the Reef

film directed by Frank Clark
starring Dayton Ka'ne, Maren Jensen, Kathleen Swan, Keahi Farden & Oliverio Maciel Dia.

The Story
Filmed on location in the South Pacific, this adventure centers upon the unique bond forged between a native boy and a man-eating tiger shark who keeps watch upon a sacred cache of black pearls. Tikayo, the boy, finds the shark when it is only sixteen feet long. Believing it to contain the soul of an old wise man, Tikayo and his lover Diana become friends to the great creature and discover that it only devours those who would threaten the treasure.

affiche Les Uns et Les AutresBOLERO

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Nicole Garcia, Robert Hossein, Géraldine Chaplin, James Caan, Daniel Olbrychsky, Francis Huster, Jacques Villeret, Evelyne Bouix, Fanny Ardant, Jorge Donn, Paul Préboist & Jean-Claude Bouttier

The Story
In 1936, in Moscow, Tatiana, a rising star at the Bolchoï, is married to Boris; in Paris, Simon Meyer, a pianist at the Folies-Bergères music-hall in Paris, is in love with Anne a violinist; in Berlin, Karl Kremer, a young pianist, is congratulated by Hitler; in New York, Jack Glenn, a famous composer, dedicates his last piece to his wife... When war suddenly breaks, all these men and women are caught up by the chaos and torments of History. Insignificant and important moments of each of their lives, planned by the mighty few, enacted by others. Love, death, life, each of them seeking happiness. Their very children sharing their passion for music. In 1980, a gala produced by UNICEF at the place du Trocadéro in Paris, broadcasted worldwide brings all the surviving characters together in one artistic communion.

affiche Madame Claude 2Madame Claude II

film directed by Bernard Mimet
starring Alexandra Stewart, Bernard Fresson, France Anglade, Béatrice Philippe, Gérard Hérold & Mauric Baquet.

affiche Mulher ObjetoMulher Objeto

film directed by Sylvio de Abreu
starring Helena Ramos, Nuno Leal Maia & Kate Lyra.


affiche Edith et MarcelEdith AND Marcel

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Evelyne Bouix, Marcel Cerdan Jr., Francis Huster, Jean-Claude Brialy, Jacques Villeret, Charles Aznavour, Jean Bouise, Charlotte de Turkheim, Charles Gérard, Ginette Garcin & Maurice Garrel.

The song written by Charles Aznavour & Francis Lai is performed by Mama Béa & Charles Aznavour
The Story
October 27th 1949, Edith Piaf hears that Marcel Cerdan has accidentally died in a plane crash. They had met and loved each other only two years before in New York. Edith Piaf was a music-hall celebrity and Marcel Cerdan a boxing world champion. For the French, they were both their favorite stars. Meanwhile during the Second World War, Margot de Villedieu, Edith Piaf's look alike, had become Jacques Barbier's "godmother". She fell in love with his letters, that were in fact written by Francis Roman. At the end of the war, although she finds out about the letters and is disappointed, she decides to marry Jacques. But it's with Francis that she was really in love.

affiche Salut La PuceSalut La Puce

film directed by Richard Balducci
starring Jean Lefebvre, Georges Géret, Pierre Tornade, Jean-Marie Proslier, Ursula Fellner, Jean-Claude Massoulier, Mathieu Armilhon, Philippe Clay & Fred Pasquali.

The Story
Robert Dumourier, aka "the Captain", lives on a barge that is always docked, with his wife and his youngest son. Of a lazy disposition, he spends most of his time roaming in the streets of Paris with three of his bum friends... Unjustly accused of murder he will help the police with their investigation and discover the real killer...

affiche CaniculeDOG DAY

film directed by Yves Boisset
starring Lee Marvin, Miou-Miou, Jean Carmet, Victor Lanoux, Tina Louise, David Bennent, Bernadette Lafont, Muni, Grace de Capitani, Henri Guibet, Pierre Clement & Jean-Pierre Kalfon.

The Story
Jimmy Cobb (Lee Marvin), is a gangster on the run. A young boy, Chim sees him hiding something in the field around his house. Jimmy decides to use the nearby farm to hide, where two brothers, Horace and Socrate live with the frustrated Jessica, Horace's wife, Segolene a lame nymphomaniac and Gusta their servant. This summer's heat wave is extreme. When Jimmy Cobb tries to dig up his stash, Chim is responsible for his death.

affiche Les RipouxMY NEW PARTNER

film directed by Claude Zidi
starring Philippe Noiret, Thierry Lhermitte, Grace de Capitani, Régine, Julien Guiomar & Claude Brosset.

The Story
In a parisian police station, a wise middle-aged inspector René knows it's far better to "get along" with the prostitutes and the mob than to fight them. So when François, a police academy graduate, dedicated to law and order, arrives and is appointed his new partner, his life-style is somewhat disrupted. With the help of his friend Natasha, a pretty little call-girl, René manages to change François' mind about a lot of things. It won't be long till the day comes when the pupil surpasses the master. They are soon involved in some nasty business where François steels money from a big drug dealer. René is caught, arrested and sentenced to jail. When he is released, François is waiting for him : with the stolen money they take off and decide to live it up.


film directed by Christian Gion
avec Karen Cheryl & Armand Meffre.

The songs written by Pierre-André Dousset & Francis Lai are performed by Karen Cheryl

The Story
The adventures of a little boy and girl that take off to visit Santa Claus in his kingdom, with brave little elves, real reindeers, a fairy and an evil ogre.
A magical tale where children finally get to meet the real Santa Claus.

affiche Das TraumschiffDas Traumschiff

German television series directed by Fritz Umgelter
starring Heide Keller, Horst Naumann & Siegfried Rauch.


Astrolab 22

French television series directed by Pierre Sissier
starring Pierre Londiche, Jean-Yves Gautier, Véronique Prune & Vincent Siegrist.

The Story
Three young astronauts (two boys and a girl] on a journey to a distant planet.

affiche Marie A True StoryMarie, A True Story

film directed by Roger Donaldson
starring Sissy Spacek, Jeff Daniels, John Cullum, Timothy Carhart, Morgan Freeman, Keith Szarabajka & Don Hood.

The Story
Based on real events, Marie is the true story of a young woman who is appointed head of a local Tennessee commitee and discovers that the political milieu is not only corrupt but is even capable of commiting murder to preserve its best interests.

affiche Seijo DensetsuNO MORE GOD, NO MORE LOVE (Seijo Densetsu)

film directed by Tohru Murakawa
starring Hiromi Gô, Shima Iwashita & Miyuki Ono.


affiche 20 ansA MAN AND A WOMAN, 20 YEARS LATER

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Anouk Aimée, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Richard Berry, Evelyne Bouix, Robert Hossein, Marie-Sophie Pochat, Patrick Poivre d'Arvor, Thierry Sabine, Nicole Garcia & Jacques Weber.

The songs written by Pierre Barouh & Francis Lai are performed by Richard Berry, Lili Davis & Pierre Barouh.
The Story
Anne and Jean-Louis had an affair twenty years earlier, but their story ended soon after. Today Anne is a film producer, Jean-Louis an automobile race manager.
She offers to make a film based on their story. The film is very successful.

affiche Association de MalfaiteursAssociation de Malfaiteurs

film directed by Claude Zidi
starring Christophe Malavoi, François Cluzet, Gérard Lacaillon Claire Nebout & Jean-Pierre Bisson.

The Story
Four friends meet in any ivy league French business school. Thierry and Gerard are very successful, whereas Francis becomes a little bank employee and Daniel lives off his friends. Fed up with his attitude, they make him believe he has just won the lottery. Daniel immediately goes to find Bernard Hassler, a white-collared crook, and signs a contract with him. They have to recover the contract from Hassler, so the three friends decide to steal his vault, where they discover 4 million francs. Hassler goes to the police. Daniel and Francis are arrested, while Thierry and Gerard manage to escape. They make Hassler drops his charges against them. But the millions have vanished. They end up finding that it was Francis who has hidden the money !

affiche SinsSins

U.S. television series directed by Douglas Hickox
starring Joan Collins, Timothy Dalton, Catherine Mary Stuart, Gene Kelly & James Farentino.

The songs written by Carly Simon, J. Brackman & Francis Lai are performed by Carly Simon.
The Story
Young Helene Junot witnesses the death of her mother at the hands of Nazis. Separated from her brother, Edmund, by the war, Helene goes to work at the chateau of the Count De Ville. There she falls in love with his son, to the Count's objection. She leaves for Paris where she becomes a fashion model and moves up the ladder of success, even becoming the mistress of her former employer. As she builds a magazine empire, Helene looks for her lost brother and seeks justice for her family. Along the way, she makes many enemies who band together to destroy her..


Lacco Monogatari

film directed by Takashi Nagata

affiche Attention BanditsAttention Bandits

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Jean Yanne, Patrick Bruel, Marie-Sophie Berthier, Charles Gérard, Corinne Marchand & Hélène Surgère.

The Story
A young crook by the name of Mozart, offers to deal stolen jewelry for Simon. But things don't go as well as expected, and Simon's wife is killed. He just has enough time to secure his daughter in a boarding school before being arrested. He's sentenced to ten years in prison. When at last he is released, he goes to see his daughter Marie-Sophie; she is now a young lady, well-bred and well-mannered. Simon stakes his wife murderer and guns him down. He is again arrested and taken back to jail. Mozart manages to have him escape, and is rewarded by Marie-Sophie's love for him.

affiche Les Yeux NoirsDARK EYES

film directed by Nikita Mikhalkov
Starring Marcello Mastroiani, Silvana Mangano, Elena Sofonova, Marthe Keller & Vsevolod Larionov.

The Story
At the turn of the century, on an ocean-liner, a disabused Italian gentleman tells his story to a Russian passenger. Further to an arranged mariage, he spent many years leading an idle life-style, spending all his wife's money. He then meets a young russian girl, Anna, in a resort and falls madly in love for the first time. He pursues her all the way back to Russia and makes her promise to follow him... The Russian passanger, stunned by this remarkable story, decides to introduce him to his young wife : it's Anna...
Marcello Mastroiani was an Oscar nominee for Best Actor with his extraordinary performance in this film...

affiche AidsAids - LOVE IN DANGER (Gefahr Für Die Liebe - Aids)

film directed by Hans Noever
starring Géraldine Danon, Friedrich Graner, & Claudia Arnold.

The song written by Marie Keim & Francis Lai is perfomed by Géraldine Danon;
The Story
Franck, a cab driver in Berlin, who has aids, falls in love with a young woman.


affiche Itinéraire

Itinéraire d’Un Enfant Gâté

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Richard Anconina, Daniel Gélin Lio, Marie Sophie Berthier & Béatrice Agenin.

The songs written by Didier Barbelivien and Francis Lai are performed by Patricia Grillo, Nicole Croisille & Jean Guidoni.
The Story
Sam Lion's circus acrobat career came to a sudden halt the day he fell from the tight rope, and had since become quite successful with his cleaning and maintenance company. One day, tired of the endless burdens and responsabilities, he simply walks away, disappearing into thin air. Everyone believes he must have died at sea. Then one day in Africa he meets Albert, one of his old employees that has recently been let off from the company, who is slowly but surely facing bankrupcy further to Sam's sudden departure. They both return to France. Sam, decides to remain hidden in the back-drops and uses Albert to carry out his business instructions to save the company. Sam makes up a will instructing his heirs to let Albert take over the business. Albert and Victoria, Sam's daughter, fall in love, and Victoria finally discovers the truth about Albert and finds her father alive. She shares the responsability of the company's business with Albert and Sam thus returns to a more peacefull life in Africa.

affiche BernadetteBernadette

film directed by Jean Delannoy
starring Roland le Saffre, Michèle Simonnet, Bernard Dhéran & Sydney Penny.

The Story
This historic film tells the true story of young Bernadette and the miracle of Lourdes.

affiche Les Pyramides BleuesPARADISE CALLING

film directed by Arielle Dombasle
starring Arielle Dombasle, Omar Sharif & Hippolyte Girardot.

The song written by Pierre-André Dousset and Francis Lai is performed by Arielle Dombasle
The Story
Elise (Arielle Dombasle) is content being the lover of Alex (Omar Sharif), a wealthy magnate who lavishes her with attention and money. When she gets religious and decides to hide from him in a French convent, Alex hires agents to bring her back. He offers money to the corrupt cult leader Noah, who then orders his young follower Marc (Hippolyte Girardot) and Elise to head a delegation traveling to Mexico. Marc turns out to be a journalist doing secret research on cults, but he quickly falls in love with Elise. She must chose between Alex and Marc in this uneven distaff melodrama. Dan Pavlides, Rovi.

Sea Otter

wildlife documentary

Keys to Freedom

film directed by Steve Feke
starring Jane Seymour, Omar Sharif & Denholm Elliott.

The Story
In 1997, the most populous city per square mile in the World will become a Chinese Communist outpost. What will happen to the billions of dollars and millions of families who have enjoyed British asylum for 100 years? The 'keys to freedom' for citizens of Hong Kong are US passports, as their city quakes with the imminent transition to Chinese Communist rule. A deadly black market for passports is thriving, controlled by Hong Kong's warlords.


affiche Disperatamente GiuliaDisperatamente Giulia

Italian television series directed by Enrico-Maria Salerno
starring Tahnee Welch, Fabio Testi & Dalila Di Lazzaro.

The Story
Italy, 1940: Carmen de Blasco is married to a fascist, but falls in love with a friend of her father Ubaldo, the young partisan Armando Zani. At the end of the war, their daughter Giulia is born, but Carmen returns to her husband. Two decades later, Giulia falls in love with university student Ermes Corsini. Nevertheless, he decides to marry the egocentric, but rich heiress Marta Montini. After some years and a disastrous marriage, Giulia meets the love of her life again. Ermes is annoyed by Marta, so he starts an affair with Giulia, but one day she gets a horrible diagnosis... Written by fippi2000 .

affiche Pause Café, Pause TendressePause Café, Pause Tendresse

French television series
starring Véronique Jannot, Anna Gaylor, Annick Alane & Bernard Lecoq.


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