Films in the 70s


affiche Hello GoodbyeHello Goodbye

film directed by Jean Negulesco
starring Michael Crawford, Curt Jurgens, Geneviève Gilles & Ira Furstenberg

The Story
Harry England, a British car salesman on a trip to France meets a Baroness when her Rolls-Royce Breaks down. They spend a few days together and become lovers before she disappers one night, but Harry does not know her surname. The Baron then hires Harry to teach his teenage son about cars on their country estate. Harry discovers the Baroness again and their affair continues. Harry falls in love and asks the Baroness to leave the Baron who has taken up with a lady of his own. Hello-Goodbye is a light comedy where one of the funny moments occurs with a drunk Harry driving a prize vintage car into a swimming pool.

affiche The GamesThe Games

film directed by Michael Winner
starring Michael Crawford, Ryan O'Neal, Charles Aznavour, Sam Elliott, Elaine Taylor, Jeremy Kemp & Stanley Baker

The song 'From Denver to L.A.' written by Hal Shaper & Francis Lai is performed by Elton John
The Story
Four marathon runners (one from England, one from the U.S., a Czech and an Australian Aborigine) prepare to run in the Olympic games.
The film follows each one and shows what their motivations are for running in the games.

affiche Love StoryLove Story

film directed by Arthur Hiller
starring Ali McGraw, Ryan O’Neal, Ray Milland & John Marley

1971 Oscar for Best Original Score
and 7 Oscar Nominations for
Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor (Ryan O'Neal), Best Actress (Ali MacGraw), Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Screenplay (Erich Segal)
1971 Golden Globe for Best Original Score

Berlin Affair

film directed by David Lowell Rich
starring Claude Dauphin, Brian Kelly, Darren McGavin, Derren Nebitt, Fritz Weaver & Brian Kelly.


film directed by Roger Kahane
starring Alain Delon, Mireille Darc & Jane Davenport.

affiche La ModificationLa Modification

film directed by Michel Worms
starring Maurice Ronet, Emmanuele Riva & Sylva Koscina

The song ‘Change of Heart’ written by Don Black & Francis Lai is performed by Mariam Montgomery.
The Story
Delmont meets Cecile in Rome during a business trip. He decides to leave his wife Henriette. In the train as he travels to Rome, he sees his life re-enacted and believes that his future won't be much different from what has been. His attraction to Cecile might have a lot more to do with the charm of the Eternal City than with Cecile herself.

affiche Le VoyouTHE CROOK

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Jean-Louis Trintignant, Christine Cochet, Danièle Delorme, Charles Denner, Charles Gérard, Yves Robert, Judith Magre & Aldo Maccione.

The Story
Five years ago, Simon kidnapped a child with his friend Martine. He ransomed the bank and offered half the amount to the father for his cooperation. Although he did return the child to his family, he kept all the money for himself ! The angry father gives him away to the police. But Simon is back, and makes the father sign a written statement admitting that he was an accomplice. He then flees abroad with his girlfriend Martine and his friend Charlot.

affiche Le Soleil des VoyousACTION MAN

film directed by Jean Delannoy
starring Jean Gabin, Robert Stack, Suzanne Flon, Margaret Lee, Walter Giller, Jean Topart & Lucienne Bogaert.

The Story
An ex-crook, Denis Ferrand, nick-named "Finicky Denis" has retired and is now living with his wife, Marie-Jeanne, in a small provincial town. He is the owner of a typical auberge, "Le Domino", managed by Betty, an attractive young woman. Jim, an old friend of his turns up at his doorstep one evening and begs him to let him use his place for a hide-out because the mob is after him. Together they plot a bank robbery. They rob the bank accross the street from Denis' house. Unfortunately, the mob are on Jim's trail once again and kidnap Marie-Jeanne. In exchange for his wife, the mob claims the money they stole from the bank. Denis and Jim stand up to the mobsters and Jim gets killed. Betty, who meanwhile was having an affair with Jim, takes off with the money and gets picked up by the police for speeding on the highway. When they discover the cash in the girl's trunk, the police investigators come back to see the respectable Denis and ask some very embarassing questions.


affiche Les PétroleusesTHE LEGEND OF FRENCHIE KING

film directed by Christian Jacque
starring Claudia Cardinale, Brigitte Bardot, Micheline Presle, Michael J. Pollard, Patty Sheppard & Georges Beller.

Song written by Hal Shaper & Francis Lai performed by Claudia Cardinale, Little Sammy Gaha & Micheline Presle.
The Story
Outlaw sisters in the old West inherit a ranch and try to settle down and develop relationships with neighboring family of lots of brothers.

affiche L’Odeur des FauvesSCANDAL MAN

film directed by Richard Balducci
starring Maurice Ronet, Joséphine Chaplin & Vittorio de Sica

The song written by Catherine Desage & Francis Lai is performed by Nanette.
The Story
A hard look at the world of tabloids, as seen through the eyes of a journalist/photographer tortured by his conscious.

affiche Smic, Smac, SmocSmic, Smac, Smoc

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Charles Gérard, Jean Collomb, Amidou, Francis Lai & Catherine Allégret.

Song written and performed by Catherine Allégret & Francis Lai.
The Story
Charles, Jean and Amidou, are three good friends working at the naval construction site in La Ciotat. The day Amidou marries Catherine, Charles "borrows" a luxurious limousine to go celebrate amongst the rich and famous in Saint Tropez. A blind musician, who begs for a living, joins them. But all good things must come to an end as the saying goes. They are arrested and taken to the local police station.


short-feature film directed by Claude Pinoteau


short-feature film directed by Claude Pinoteau

Early Morning

film directed by Jean-Gabriel Albicocco
starring Catherine Jourdan, Mathieu Carrière, Jean Vilar & Madeleine Robinson.

affiche Dans la PoussièreDUST IN THE SUN

film directed by Richard Balducci
starring Maria Schell, Daniel Beretta, Bob Cunningham, Karin Meier & Jacques Anton.

The Story
In the dry, dusty western hamlet of San Angelo, landowner Joe Bradford kills his brother and then marries his brother's widow, Gertie.
Gertie's son, Hawk, decides that something's rotten in this state of affairs and thinks about taking action Written by dinky-4 of Minneapolis .


affiche AventureL’Aventure c’est l’Aventure

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Lino Ventura, Jacques Brel, Charles Denner, Charles Gérard, Aldo Maccione, Johnny Hallyday & Nicole Courcel.

Song written by Catherine Desage & Francis Lai performed by Johnny Hallyday.
The Story
Five friendly gangsters, unable to continue robbing the local banks, decide to turn to a more profitable career in kidnapping celebrities. Their first victim is Johnny Hallyday (a popular french pop star), followed by an ambassador kidnapped at the request of a South American revolutionary...who in turn is kidnapped and marketed for a good price. As they are busy squirreling away a small fortune with their new business, they are arrested in the Carribean. A well publicized trial soon turns them into heroes in the public eye, to such an extent that the local government ends up organising their escape just to be rid of them. They flee to Africa, where they begin to plot to kidnap the Pope himself...

affiche La Course du Lièvre à Travers les ChampsAND HOPE TO DIE

film directed by René Clément
starring Robert Ryan, Aldo Ray, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Léa Massari & Tina Farrow.

The Story
A crook on the run hooks up with a criminal gang to commit a kidnapping. However, things don't go quite as planned.

affiche Le Petit PoucetTOM THUMB

film directed by Michel Boisrond
starring Marie Laforêt, Titoyo, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Jean-Marie Proslier, Jean-Luc Bideau & Michel Robin.

Song written by Catherine Desage & Francis Lai.
The Story
This is the well-known tale of how Tom Thumb, the youngest child of a woodsman's poor family, manages to save his brothers, lost in the woods from the evil ogre and of how he steals the ogre's magical boots to bring a fortune back to his family.


affiche La Bonne AnnéeHappy NEW YEAR

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Lino Ventura, Françoise Fabian, Charles Gérard & André Falcon.

The song written by Catherine Desage & Francis Lai is performed by Mireille Mathieu.
The Story
Simon is doing prison time, due to a jewel-theft caper. The police still have not recovered the loot, so Simon gets an early release so that they can track him to it. He is wise to their intentions, however, and loses his tail early on. Nonetheless, his search for his old partner Charlot leads him to reminisce about the robbery itself, and the events that led up to it. With the encouragement of his partner in crime, who honorably gives him his share, he looks up his old flame even though he knows she is now seeing someone else. The story of their current love's rekindling coincides with a retelling of how they became lovers in the first place. Clarke Fountain.


film directed by Roberto Muller
starring Gilbert Bécaud, Olga Georges-Picot & Pamela Huntington

The song 'Un Homme Libre' written by Catherine Desage & Francis Lai is performed by Gilles Marschal.
The Story
Henri's wife has divorced him. While Henri (Gilbert Becaud) is not excessively upset about the divorce, he is sad, hates to be alone, and dislikes the sorts of wrenching changes that are being forced on him. Indeed, his ex-wife cannot get him to leave their shared quarters by the court deadline without having a terrific row with him. When he finally leaves, he leans a great deal on his 10-year-old daughter for company, comfort and support. She gets used to that and has to make adjustments when Henri gets a new woman in his life. Clarke Fountain.

affiche Les HommesMEN

film directed by Daniel Vigne
starring Marcel Bozzufi, Michel Constantin, Angelo Infanti, Henry Silva & Nicole Kalfan.

The song ‘Autant Mourir au Soleil’ written by Léo Carrier & Francis Lai is performed by Nicoletta.
The Story
Fantoni, is a member of the corsican mob trading american cigarettes. Accused of a crime he did not commit, he is arrested and convicted. At the end of his jail sentence, he guns down his ex-partners. The police& the mob are on his trail. His old friend Vinci is hired by the mobsters to do the job.

affiche Le BaiserMERRY-GO-ROUND (REIGEN)

film directed by Otto Schenk
starring Helmut Berger, Maria Schneider, Sydne Rome, Erika Pluhar & Senta Berger.

The Story
Anthology film with several couples from very different social backgrounds.

La Turquie

short-feature film directed by Pierre Willemin

affiche Un Amour de PluieUn Amour de Pluie

film directed by Jean-Claude Brialy
starring Romy Schneider, Nino Castelnuovo, Suzanne Flon, Mehdi El Glaoui, Bénédicte Bucher, Jean-Claude Brialy & Philippe Castelli.

The song written by Catherine Desage & Francis Lai is performed by Cynthia Davis.
The Story
A young woman, Elisabeth, and her daughter Cecile, arrive in their hotel/treatment center in Vittel. Cecile meets Georges, a seventeen year-old kitchen aid at the hotel, with whom she will have a romantic affair. Elisabeth is seduced by a handsome Italian, Giovanni.

affiche Par le Sang des AutresBY THE BLOOD OF OTHERS

film directed by Marc Simenon
starring Francis Blanche, Bernard Blier, Mylène Demongeot, Georges Géret & Claude Piéplu.

The Story
In a little French town everything goes on as usual and people seem friendly and good natured until one day, two women arrive from Paris. A man dismounts from the same bus and that very night he seizes the two women and asks for the most beautiful girl in town as their ransom. After the initial shock, the mayor, his brother, the prefect, the police and the gendarmerie gather around the house where the two woman are imprisoned. It will be a test for everyone and each of them will show the real stuff he is made of, showing their hypocrisy, mean-ness or humanity concealed behind their provincial respectability. Written by Baldinotto da Pistoia.


Comme Un Oiseau Blessé

film directed by Claude Montrond

affiche Visit to a Chief’s SonVisit to a Chief’s Son

film directed by Lamont Johnson
starring Richard Mulligan & Johnny Sekka.

The Story
An American anthropologist and his son benefit from their experiences with an East African tribe.

affiche Toute Une VieAND NOW MY LOVE

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Marthe Keller, André Dussolier, Charles Gérard, Gilbert Bécaud & Carla Gravina.

The Story
In 1918, a movie operator meets a sudden death, leaving behind a daughter, Rachel. Twenty years later, she also dies giving birth to Sarah. Spoiled and self-centered, Sarah falls in love with Gilbert Bécaud. Disappointed with the singer, she goes on a trip around the world with her father, gets married and divorces only a few months later... Meanwhile, Simon, an adopted child, is having trouble succeeding in life, more particularly in a film career. When Sarah and Simon meet, it's love at first sight. Unfortunately in the year 2000, it's forbidden to have children, and the couple must hide to give birth to their baby..

affiche A Child Under a LeafChild Under a Leaf

film directed by George Bloomfield
starring Joseph Campanella, Dyan Cannon & Donald Pilon.

The Story
The plot follows an abused wife who strikes up an affair with an artist, but their relationship is threatened by the presence of her violent husband.

affiche MariageMarRiage

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Bulle Ogier, Rufus, Marie Déa, Caroline Cellier & Bernard le Coq.

The song 'Mariage' written by Claude Lelouch & Francis Lai is performed by Bulle Ogier & Rufus.
The Story
Four wedding anniversaries serve to chronicle the beginning and end of a thirty-year marriage. Henri (Rufus) and Jeanne (Bulle Ogier) are first seen on their wedding night as they hesitantly enter their new country house which faces a concrete bunker. They would really have preferred something in the city, but this is all they can afford. A resistance group overruns the house in order to take out the Germans in the bunker, and as a result of this raid Henri becomes forever associated with the resistance. On their wedding anniversary 10 years later (also the anniversary of the raid), he is regarded as a hero, though not by Jeanne; she boycotts the dedication of a plaque commemorating the destruction of the bunker. Ten years later, the couple is locked in serious marital combat. The final episode has the now-divorced couple reuniting briefly to sell the house, and Henri speaks of old times and ties that cannot be broken. Clarke Fountain.

affiche The Sex SymbolThe Sex Symbol

film directed by David Lowell Rich
starring Don Murray, Connie Stevens & Shelley Winters.

score arranged by Henri Mancini.
The Story
A film about the life of Marilyn Monroe, detailing her ups and downs and how her erratic behavior contributes to her deteriorating career.


affiche Le Chat et La SourisCAT AND MOUSE

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Michèle Morgan, Serge Reggiani, Philippe Léotard, Jean-Pierre Aumont Valérie Lagrange, Michèle Peyrelon & Philippe Labro.

The Story
Although she has an air-tight alibi, everything seems to accuse Madame Richard, a bourgeoise lady whose wealthy husband has been shot and robbed of his overwhelming art collection.
Inspector Lechat is in charge of the investigation. He is convinced of Madame Richard's guilt. However, he is quickly seduced by the charming widow. After resigning from the police force, he secretely pursues his investigation in light of some new facts he has discovered and ultimately proves her innocence. Her husband had simply committed suicide and she had been an innocent victim of circumstances.

affiche La Baby SitterSCAR TISSUE

film directed by René Clément
starring Maria Schneider, Sydne Rome, Vic Morrow, Renato Pozzeto, Robert Vaughan, Carl Mohner & Nadja Tiller.

The Story
The son of a wealthy film producer and his babysitter are kidnapped. While they await the payment of a ransom and their consequent release,
a plot of extorsion, vengeance and murder unfolds.

affiche Emmanuelle 2Emmanuelle II

film directed by Francis Giacobetti
starring Sylvia Kristel, Umberto Orsini, Frederic Lagache, Catherine Rivet, Henry Czarniak, Tom Clark, Florence Afuma, Claire Richard, Moira Chen.

The song written by Catherine Desage & Francis Lai is performed by Sylvia Kristel.
The Story
This sequel to the first Emmanuelle, takes place in Bangkok, where Emmanuelle carries on with her "romantic" adventures between her husband Jean, to Christopher, her husband's friend and initiates a young girl, Anna-Maria.

affiche Le Bon et Les MéchantsTHE GOOD AND THE BAD

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Marlène Jobert, Jacques Dutronc, Brigitte Fossey, Bruno Cremer, Jacques Villeret, Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Serge Reggiani & Stéphane Bouy.

The Song 'La Ballade du Bon et des Méchants' written by Philippe Labro and Francis Lai is performed by Jacques Dutronc.
The Story
Jacques Dutronc plays a car-mechanic turned pro-thief, with his Jewish co-conspirator Simon, beginning well before the Second World War. Their robberies take on a political coloration under the occupation. Tempted into thievery when their auto-repair business handles a car which can outrun police vehicles, they are constantly pursued by the hard-working policeman Blanchot. During the occupation, the duo lend their skills to the resistance, and the policeman briefly becomes their ally, only to resume his pursuit of these charming criminals after the war.



film directed by German Lorente

Number One

short-feature film directed by Adolphe Dhrey

affiche Si C’était à RefaireIF I HAD TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Catherine Deneuve, Anouk Aimée, Charles Denner, Francis Huster, Niels Arestrup, Colette Baudot, Jacques Villeret, Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu & Jean-Pierre Kalfon.

The song written by Pierre Barouh & Francis Lai is performed by Françoise Hardy.
The Story
Catherine, a thrity-five year-old jail-bird, has just been released from her prison sentence, from which she was accused of taking part in the murder of the man who raped her. Out of desperation, she gives birth to a child in prison that she had with the male nurse that worked there. Today, Simon is fifteen, she sees him at last. He becomes infatuated with her and she has to tell him that she is his mother. Simon is heart-broken and is taken in by Sarah, a friend of Catherine's, that she met in prison. Simon introduces his mother to Patrick, his history professor. He's a nice man and they seem attracted to one other.

affiche Le Corps de Mon EnnemiBODY OF MY ENNEMY

film directed by Henri Verneuil
starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Bernard Blier & Marie-France Pisier.

The Story
Having quickly become wealthy and respectable, Francis Leclerc becomes the co-owner of a night club where he soon discovers that the club is being used by a drug dealing organisation that he decides to report to the authorities, when he is himself arrested and accused of a double murder he did not commit. He is tried and convicted. The day he is freed, he stakes out those who are resposible for his misfortune.

affiche Ames PerduesANIMA PERSA

film directed by Dino Risi
starring Catherine Deneuve, Vittorio Gassman, Anicée Alvina & Danilo Mattei.

The Story
Tino comes to study painting in Venice and stays with his uncle Fabio. He hears that one of Fabio's brothers is mad, and might be living locked up in one of the rooms in the house. During his investigation he discovers that it is in fact Fabio that locks himself up in the room pretending he's crazy.


affiche BilitisBilitis

film directed by David Hamilton
starring Patti d'Arbanville, Mona Kristensen & Bernard Giraudeau.

The Story
The famous photographer David Hamilton, directs his first feature film telling the story of a young school girl's first sexual experience.

affiche Un Autre Homme, Une Autre ChanceANOTHER MAN, ANOTHER Chance

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring James Caan, Geneviève Bujold, Francis Huster, Jacques Villeret, Jennifer Warren & Jacques Higelin.

The Story
Fleeing from the Franco-Prussian war, Jeanne and boyfriend Francis escape to the American west. Their course does not run smooth, and soon Jeanne is left alone to care for her baby. Meanwhile, American veterinaran Jimmy, an absolute stranger to Bujold, endures his share of woes, not least of which is the rape and murder of his wife by desperadoes. Inevitably, Caan and Bujold meet and fall in love. Having already suffered the death of Huster, Jeanne tries to dissuade Jimmy from his single-minded pursuit of his wife's murderers. This character conflict determines the outcome of the film's final scenes. Hal Erickson.

affiche Widow’s NestWidow’s Nest

film directed by Tony Navarro
starring Patricia Neal, Susan Oliver, Lila Kedrova & Valentina Cortese.

The Story
Three widowed sisters, live cooped up in their old family mansion. The only contact they are able to maintain with the outside world is through their lady servant...


affiche Robert et RobertRobert AND Robert

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Jacques Villeret, Charles Denner, Régine, Jean-Claude Brialy, Germaine Montero, Francis Perrin & Michèle Morgan.

The Story
Robert Goldman, a sensitive man, and Robert Villiers, a chubby shy boy, both bachelors, meet in a dating agency directed by Jacques Millet. They share their feelings of discouragement and tales of heart-broken love. During a wedding ceremony, Robert Villiers is caught in a day-dream in which he has become a music-hall celebrity with Robert Goldman as a manager. His dream will soon come true.

affiche International VelvetInternational Velvet

film directed by Bryan Forbes
starring Tatum O’Neal, Christopher Plummer, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Nanette Newman, Dinsdale Landen & Richard Warwick.

The Story
Sequel to the original International Velvet. The subject again tells the story of a young girl's will to win the Winner's Circle horse race, that is only for men.
Velvet is now an older woman and and it's her niece that is the heroin.

affiche Les RingardsTHE SMALL TIMERS

film directed by Robert Pouret
starring Mireille Darc, Aldo Maccione & Julien Guiomar.

affiche Passion Flower HotelBoarding School

film directed by André Farwagi
starring Nastassja Kinski

The song written by André Farwagi and Francis Lai is performed by Michel Costa.
This film tells the story of a group of girls attending an exclusive German girls boarding school. Across the lake is an exclusive boys boarding school...

affiche Oliver’s StoryOliver’s Story

film directed by John Korty
starring Ryan O'Neal, Candice Bergen, Nicola Pagett, Ray Milland, Charles Haid & Edward Binns.

The Story
Sequel to the famous Love Story, in which Ryan O'Neal falls in love this time with a woman as wealthy as he is.

Coup d'Envoi

short-feature film directed by Charles Gérard

De Cochet à Bard

short-feature film directed by Charles Gérard

Grand Prix de France

short-feature film directed by Charles Gérard

Vaincre à Roland Garros

short-feature film directed by Charles Gérard



film directed by Claude Lelouch
avec Catherine Deneuve, Jacques Dutronc, Jacques Villeret & Paul Préboist.

The song written by Pierre Barouh & Francis Lai is performed by Fabienne Thibeault.
The Story
Françoise has gone into business seducing men whose wives want to divorce them, and who need incriminating evidence against them. In addition, she has a little blackmail operation going on on the side with politicians who can't afford a scandal. She got started on this business after she was raped, and hasn't looked back since. Now the police are on her trail, and she avails herself of the services of a couple who make a profession of hiding wanted criminals. At the hideout, she meets Simon, a second-generation mobster. As the police close in, Françoise and Simon go on the run together, pulling off occasional heists for operating money. Before long, they have also fallen in love. Clarke Fountain

affiche Les BorsaliniLes Borsalini

film directed by Michel Nerval
starring Jean Lefebvre, Robert Castel & Darry Cowl.


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