Films in the 60s


Pantomime à la Lune

short feature film directed by Pierre Sonnier


Fragilité, Ton Nom est Femme

short feature film directed by Nadine Trintignant (Marquand)
starring Annie Fargue and Jean-Louis Trintignant


Le Petit Cheval de Bois

13' short feature film directed by Richard Balducci
starring André Badin, Jeanne Colletin, Gilou Pelletier and Paul Préboist

Caroline Sur Seine

short feature film directed by Jean-Jacques Faure

affiche La Chance et L'AmourLa Chance et L'Amour

Anthology film including "Le Jeu de la Chance" directed by Bertrand Tavernier
starring Michel Auclair and Bernard Blier

affiche Special BardotBrigitte Bardot Show

television film directed by Eddy Matalon & François Reichenbach

affiche Un Homme et Une FemmeA MAN AND A WOMAN

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Anouk Aimée & Jean-Louis Trintignant

Song written by Pierre Barouh & Francis Lai performed by Pierre Barouh & Nicole Croisille
42 International awards including :
The Cannes Film Festival for Best Film and Best photography, Oscar for Best Foreign Film and Best Story and Screenplay
Commission Supérieure Technique Award, Office Catholique International du Cinéma Award


affiche Vivre Pour VivreLIVE FOR LIFE

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Annie Girardot, Candice Bergen, Yves Montand, Irène Tunc, Uta Taeger, Jean Collomb & Anouk Ferjac

Cinéma Français Grand Prix
The Story
Robert Collombs is a television reporter. He's been married for the past ten years with Catherine, and is having an affair with Candice, an american model. The day his wife finds out about this affair, she decides to leave him. Six months later, he breaks up with Candice. He is then captured and imprisonned in Viet Nam. When at last he is released and returns home, he finds Catherine there waiting for him.

affiche La Maison de ToutouLa Maison de Toutou

television series directed by G. Croses & R. Artaut

affiche Mon Amour Mon AmourMon Amour, Mon Amour

directed by Nadine Trintignant
starring Jean-Louis Trintignant, Valérie Lagrange, Michel Piccoli, Annie Fargue, Bernard Fresson, Katerina Larsson & Marie Trintignant.

An architect has an affair with a young woman who aspires to be a pop singer. She ends up pregnant but does not tell her lover about her condition as she contemplates having an abortion. The viewer must decide whether it was all real or all a figment of the young woman's imagination. Written by Dan Pavlides

affiche The BoboThe Bobo

directed by Robert Parrish
starring Peter Sellers, Britt Ekland, Adolfo Celi & Rossano Brazzi.

The Story
Unsuccessful in the bull ring, Juan Bautista decides to become a singing matador.
We find him in Barcelona where he attempts to seduce the lovely Olympia.

affiche I’ll Never ForgetI’ll Never Forget...What's 'is Name

directed by Michael Winner
starring Orson Welles, Oliver Reed, Carol White, Harry Andrews, Michael Hordern, Wendy Craig, Norman Rodway, Marianne Faithfull, Frank Finlay, Ann Lynn, Harvey Hall, Lyn Ashley, Edward Fox, Basil Dignam & Mark Burns.

The Story

Advertising golden boy Andrew Quint is fed up with his fabulously successful life. He quits his job to return to writing for a small literary magazine. He wants to leave his former life behind, going as far as saying good-bye to his wife and mistresses. He finds, however, that it's not so easy to escape the past.

Les Toutous du Festival

short feature film directed by Richard Balducci


affiche 13 Jours en FranceGRENOBLE

documentary by Claude Lelouch
about the 1968 winter olympic games filmed by François Reichenbach

Song written by Pierre Barouh & Francis Lai and performed by Pierre Barouh & Nicole Croisille

Neiges de Grenoble

documentary by Jacques Ertaud and Jean-Jacques Languepin

affiche MayerlingMayerling

film directed by Terence Young
starring Catherine Deneuve, Omar Sharif, James Mason & Ava Gardner

The Story
In Vienna, prince Rodolphe, heir to the throne, takes part in the student political demonstrations. Married to Stephanie of Belgium, he falls in love with the baroness Maria Vetsera. They will be brutally murdered by a terrorist which will inevitably lead to a war.

affiche La Leçon ParticulièreTENDER MOMENT

film directed by Michel Boisrond
starring Nathalie Delon & Renaud Verley, Katia Christine, Nicole Desailly, Robert Hossein, Bernard Le Coq & Martine Sarcey.

The Story
19-year-old college student from an upper-middle-class family has an affair with the 25-year-old mistress of a famous driver who competes in international horse races. He is treated like a kid by the woman until they come together at a winter resort and begin an amorous affair. When the driver comes home, the student gives up the woman in a noble gesture of maturity and respect for the love he has received from her in this bittersweet romantic film. Written by Dan Pavlides

affiche La Vie, L’Amour, La MortLIFE, LOVE, DEATH

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Amidou, Caroline Cellier, Jeanine Magnan & Catherine Samie

The Story
Awaiting execution for murder, Souad Amidou reflects on the events leading up to this sorry contingency. It seems that Amidou can only cohabit with prostitutes, thus he seeks out satisfaction in all the side streets of Europe. Disturbed by a whore's insults when he was unable to perform, Amidou goes completely off the deep end and begins cutting a swath of death from one end of Spain to another. Lelouch's principal stylistic decision in Life Love and Death is to draw as many parallels as possible between sex and bullfighting. Written by Hal Erickson


affiche House of CardsHouse of Cards

film directed by John Guillermain
starring George Peppard, Inger Stevens, Orson Welles & Keith Mitchell

The Story
Leschenhaut and Morillon are trying to organize a plot to overthrow the French government and set up a new fascist organization. Their plans are interrupted by Davis, an American boxer, tutor of young Paul de Villemont; in Villemont Manor he discovers the plot and, after the kidnapping of the boy, he travels to Rome, where the organization would exchange Paul with a list of members stolen by Davis to give to the press. Written by Adalberto Fornario .

affiche Three Into Two Won’t GoThree Into Two Won’t Go

film directed by Peter Hall
starring Claire Bloom, Rod Steiger, Judy Geeson, Peggy Ashcroft, Paul Rogers, Lynn Farleigh, Elizabeth Spriggs & Sheila Allen

The Story
Steve Howard, a British sales executive living in Manchester, England, begins an affair with a young hitchhiker, Elle Patterson, to emotionally get away from his marriage to his wife Francis. But when Elle moves into a room in Steve and Francis's house, he must keep the true nature of his relationship with Elle under wraps at all costs.

L’Officier Recruteur

film directed by Jacques Pierre
starring Patricia Vilon, Pierre Vernier, Yvan Varco, Albert Vandeville, Nicolas Silberg & Dominique Paturel

affiche Hannibal BrooksHannibal Brooks

film directed by Michael Winner
starring Oliver Reed & Michael J. Pollard

The Story
A World War II story with Oliver Reed and Michael J. Pollard escaping from a prisoner of war camp - with an elephant - and attempting to reach the Swiss border.

affiche Le Passager de la PluieRIDER IN THE RAIN

film directed by René Clément
starring Marlène Jobert, Charles Bronson, Annie Cordy & Jill Ireland.

The Story
Beautiful Melie, maried to a pilot, is assaulted in her home and manages to kill her assailant. She decides to get rid of the body rather than go to the police.
But when the body is recovered, she is accused of the murder by an American military officer...

affiche La Louve SolitaireTHE GOLDEN CLAWS OF THE CAT GIRL

film directed by Edouard Logereau
starring Danièle Gaubert, Michel Duchaussoy & Julien Guiomar.

The Story
Françoise, Françoise looks like a sexy kitten by day, but is a silent she-wolf by night, making very clever robberies of gold jewels.
Despite the interest, and competition from Bruno, she ends a lonely she-wolf.

affiche Un Homme Qui Me PlaîtLOVE IS A FUNNY THING

film directed by Claude Lelouch
starring Annie Girardot, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Maria-Pia Conté, Marcel Bozzufi, Farah Fawcett & Simone Renant

Song written by Pierre Barouh & Francis Lai performed by Martine Baujoud
The Story 
Henri, a composer, and Françoise, an actress, meet in Los Angeles where they are shooting a film. They are immediately attracted to one another and decide to take off together on a trip around the country during a ten day break. They fall in love and at the end of their trip, although they are both married, they promise each other to meet again in France as soon as they get back. Françoise leaves her husband, but Henri never shows up.

affiche Du Soleil Plein les YeuxEYES FULL OF SUN

film directed by Michel Boisrond
starring Renaud Verley, Florence Lafuma, Bernard Lecoq, Martine Sarcey, Jean Ferniot & Janet Agren

Song written by Catherine Desage et Francis Lai performed by Séverine & Francis Lai.
The Story
Vincent, a young intern, lives in Rennes with his mother eighteen-year-old brother Bernard. In order to cheer up Bernard who has just failed his baccalauréat exam, the father invites him and his older brother to spend a holiday in his villa in Morocco, where he lives estranged from his ex-wife. Vincent and Bernard decide to travel there by sailboat, accompanied by Geneviève, Vincent's fiancée. Vincent, who has never forgiven his father for leaving him when he was a child, remains hostile and withdrawn.... The Story Written by Guy Bellinger


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